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Public Equity

Ashton Moss Holdings (AMH) Investment Management employs what we view as a low-risk approach to equity investing guided by consistent, objective, and rational decision-making. We rigorously apply a comprehensive set of investment criteria to our portfolio that aims to generate attractive risk-adjusted results for our clients over the long term.

Our key guiding principles:

  • Invest in established, cash-generative businesses that are leading providers of essential products and services.
  • Require that investments be purchased at a discount to our estimate of intrinsic value* (e.g., a margin of safety** in the stock price) at the time of purchase.
  • Invest in a limited number of companies to minimize the impact of unforeseen company-specific issues, and invest only in companies that meet demanding business and valuation criteria.
  • Think like owners and operators by holding stakes in businesses over many years in order to compound wealth and reduce transaction costs.

Learn about how we integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations within our bottom-up investment approach.

U.S. Large-Cap Equity

Domestic large-cap equity strategy that aims to invest in established, cash-generative businesses primarily in North America

Global Equity

Global equity strategy that aims to invest in leading providers of essential products and services that are domiciled in North America and internationally

U.S. Small & Mid-Cap Equity

Small & mid-cap equity strategy that aims to invest in a select number of out-of-favor or under-followed companies

* AMH's estimate of the present value of the cash that a business can generate and distribute to shareholders over its remaining life.
* *A margin of safety exists when we believe there is a significant discount to intrinsic value at the time of purchase- we aim to purchase at 75% of our estimate to intrinsic value or less.