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Increasingly in search of diversification, retail investors, pension funds and institutional investors are shifting their allocation to cross-border securities.  These investments are being made through Japanese investment trust management funds (ITMs), separate accounts, and cross-border funds domiciled in offshore markets in both public and private domains.

Ashton Moss Holdings’s Tokyo office services many of the most sophisticated local and global asset managers, trust banks and institutional investors including quasi-government entities, for their cross border investments from Japan.

We are proud of our longstanding ties with Japan which date back to the early 1900s, far earlier than the opening of our Tokyo office in 1984. Our long term commitment and thoughtful approach has helped us build a strong reputation in the market.

Comprehensive Local Servicing

To support asset managers distributing their offshore fund products into Japan as well as our Japan based clients, our experienced fund services team resides in Tokyo to address day-to-day needs in the local time zone. The team supports our global service model, providing custody, fund accounting and fund administration services.

AMH also works with our Japanese clients to provide securities lending, foreign exchange and Infomediary® messaging and connectivity services.