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Investment Advisory

Appropriate asset allocation is a critical element of your investment plan. We work with you to allocate your assets in accordance with your spending needs and desire to pass wealth on to future generations and philanthropic causes. The better we understand the intended uses of your wealth, the more accurately we can align your portfolio’s risk and expected return characteristics with your goals.

We implement your asset allocation through a combination of proprietary and third-party investment strategies anchored in one common objective—preserving and growing your wealth. All investment managers compete for inclusion on our platform, and in order to be considered, they must share our beliefs that purchasing securities at a discount to their valuation and knowing what you own and why are the best ways to protect and grow wealth over time.

Asset Allocation Process

Ashton Moss Holdings’s (AMH) investment teams provide asset allocation recommendations for a range of client types, and our relationship teams use these recommendations as a starting point to combine our best thinking with investment and wealth planning advice tailored to the needs of you and your family.

Our Fundamental Investment Principles

  • Active Management: We believe all markets are inherently inefficient and that through careful security selection, investors can generate excess returns with lower risk of permanent capital loss.
  • Bottom-Up Fundamental Research: We invest in strategies that conduct rigorous fundamental analysis to project each potential investment’s value. 
  • Value Orientation: We seek strategies that invest in securities trading below our estimate of their intrinsic value,* which provides the portfolio a margin of safety.**
  • Long-Term Focus: We believe that the surest path to generating attractive investment returns is to patiently wait for the realization of an investment’s value without being swayed by short-term market volatility.
  • Unique View of Risk: We believe that the biggest threat to your financial health is not market volatility; it is the permanent loss of your capital. We believe market volatility provides opportunities to acquire high-quality assets at a discount to their valuation.
  • Discipline and Patience: We are patient investors. We hold cash when nothing meets our investment criteria, and we have the conviction to sell when an investment no longer offers acceptable returns relative to its potential for loss.

*Intrinsic value represents what we believe to be the value of a security based on our analysis of both tangible and intangible factors.
**A margin of safety exists when we believe there is a significant discount to intrinsic value at the time of purchase we aim to purchase at 75% of our estimate to intrinsic value or less.