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Philanthropic Advisory

Philanthropy can be a way to give back, help others and your community, set an example for your family and/or leave a legacy. Because philanthropy is so personal and unique to individuals and families, it typically involves a number of considerations on a range of topics, from articulating a mission and identifying the best legal structure to selecting grant recipients and monitoring impact.

We help our clients address all elements of their philanthropic plans and goals, no matter where they are in their philanthropic journey, so that they can create a lasting and positive impact that supports their causes, communities and loved ones.

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Getting Started

Guidance on critical considerations to help you shape your philanthropic approach and engage family and loved ones.

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Charting the Course

Assistance with defining the role of philanthropy during your life and in your estate plan, including values identification, family engagement and mission creation.

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Structure and Formation

Advice on structuring your activities based on your current circumstances and the driving forces behind your philanthropy.

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Governance and Administration

Support with determining the appropriate governance framework, compliance and other administrative policies and procedures.

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Strategy, Execution and Impact

Guidance on strategic philanthropy and execution, including crafting a strategic plan, building an effective team, designing grants and measuring impact.

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Beyond Giving

Assistance with aligning your philanthropic mission with your direct involvement in charitable organizations.